Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Taste of Argentina in Pasadena: Il Capo

Alfajores? Check. Empanadas? Check. Chorizo? Yep. Malbec? Sure. Slow but charming service? Of course. All that, plus the Spanish conversations at the tables next door, and a late-ish dinner at Il Capo in Pasadena nearly felt like a cafe in Buenos Aires. Of course, the empanadas cost a couple bucks, not a couple of quarters, and the place was nearly empty by 10 pm, but it was as close as we've come to living the porteno life since we visited BA last fall.

This deli and cafe serves up huge portions of traditional Argentine fare--grilled meats, pasta dishes, and buttery-crusted empanadas. As fellow blogger Tableau Vivante noted, it's practically criminal that the excellent bread and tangy chimichurri sauce that starts your meal come free. The packed shelves along one wall display all sorts of Argentine treats, including useful frozen empanada crusts. But really, why make your own when the delightful folks at Il Capo will do it for you?

Il Capo
1001 E Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91106

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Anonymous said...

The food is delicously authentic from the tapas of Spanich meats, etc. to the relaxed atmosphere. The expected empenada is anything but typical. The flaky pastry wraps beautifully spiced beed and other savory fillings. The service and sidewalk table are charming. I look forward to returning in the evening for the live music.