Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Seven Grand Whiskey Bar: Downtown LA

"Welcome to the Seven Grand. I hope you have a good night."

Though I rarely go places with rude bouncers intent on blocking your entrance, it was refreshing to be welcomed so readily by the man at the door of the Seven Grand in downtown LA. The walk up the stairs to this new 2nd floor bar was equally delightful, as the artful displays of empty Makers Mark bottles, stuffed pheasants, and leather banquettes unfolded before me. Owner Cedd Moses, of Golden Gopher and Broadway Bar fame (both of which, like Seven Grand, have fab neon signage), knows good design.

Whiskey in all its forms takes center stage here--whatever your poison--bourbon, scotch, Irish whiskey, rye or even moonshine--you have plenty of choices, at many different price points ($7 & up). Mohawked bartender Pedro mixes a delicious rye Manhattan, though the Old Fashioned was a bit too orange-y for my taste. J took his drinks straight--opting for a single malt Bunnahabin, Eagle Rare 10 yr bourbon, and Black Bush Irish Whiskey (yes, his tolerance impresses me).

According to the bartenders, Seven Grand is still in the "soft opening" stage, though as Caroline on Crack noticed it's already generated quite a buzz. The official opening date is May 10, so get there soon while you can still grab a comfy stool at the bar--it was bustling when we visited, but there were plenty of seats. Also, if whiskey drinkin' makes you hungry, you can order pizza from a nearby spot--nothing spectacular, but perfectly passable. They also cater to the cigar-smoking crowd with a skinny patio and a well-stocked humidor. Grand indeed.

Photo by Eric Richardson, who tipped me off to Seven Grand in the first place.

Seven Grand
515 W. 7th St 2nd Fl (between Grand and Olive)
Downtown LA
(213) 817-5321
M-F, 4 PM-2 AM
Sat 8 PM-2 AM
Closed Sunday


Douglas Cress said...

looks like it could be my type of place - although i consider myself more of a scotch man

Jen G. said...

Seven Grand impressed me with it's wealthy uncle's library decor...deep, rich and comfortable. The reason I go to Seven Grand is the education. Everytime I am drinking, the bartenders teach me something new about the world of whisk(e)y. The menu of whisky cocktails from the past are delicious and unlike any thing my palate has ever tasted from a Hollywood bar. Now I understand why people are so passionate about this type of spirit.

jewel said...

I just went to Seven Grand for the first time last week - I moved to LA last Wednesday - and was thrilled to see their Scotch selection. Though known as a whiskey bar, they offer a great selection of Scotch divided into each region - Lowland, Islay, Speyside, etc. I think they have at least five in each category, so it may be more your place than you think, Douglas. :)

Anonymous said...

I just visited this bar. WOW, I must say, this is indeed a fine whiskey bar no matter your pallet. I was offered a drink from a award winning bartender. He is part Japanese and created this drink called the Haiki and it is refreshing and with light hints of cinnamon. I usually don't do cinnamon of mixed drinks, but this was worth trying. I recommend it! His name is Rich, I heard that recently as far as the O.C. whiskey connoisseurs are calling him the Whiskey Samurai or the Whiskey Ninja. hahaha! Whatever the case, this guy can surely satisfy your taste buds. Hope to see you there sometime. Yummmmm :)

Bryan said...

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