Thursday, September 14, 2006

Your Favorite Weekend:
Atwater Village Newbie

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Atwater Village Newbie's (and Mrs. Newbie's) Favorite Weekend

Atwater Village Newbie loves to try new food. Mrs. Newbie loves to try good food. Six months ago they moved from Colorado to northeast Los Angeles. It's their best decision since getting married.

Our perfect weekend starts Friday, dinner at Puran's Hillhurst. With luck we've reserved the far corner, the coziest indoor table in Los Feliz. We order filet mignon skewers - not on menu, but often on special.

Dessert tastes like pistachio and espresso at Silver Lake's Pazzo Gelato. Yes, even after it became LA Weekly's poster child for gentrification. And NPR's poster child for ice cream.

Saturday lunch is another historia. We speak little Spanish but we often speak El Gallo Giro. Find this Mexican kitchen's 10 tourist-unfriendly locations for kettle-cooked carnitas, chased with aguas frescas. At 115 degrees in Panorama City, no other fruit drink will do.

Saturday night: Edendale Grill, at the coziest outdoor table in Silver Lake. People-watching makes up for entree prices beyond $20, but so do the filet medallions. Our default hotspot for out-of-towners.

Sunday brunch: Fairfax High eggs and salmon at Fred 62, the first place we ate together in LA, the day after we unpacked.

Sunday night we steel ourselves for the workweek, cooking at home. Believe it or not, we always craved something like Trader Joe's packaged foods: all natural, no preservatives, no blandness. Mrs. Newbie's final gourmet touches have us dining happily on the porch with the hum of I-5, the buzz of helicopters and the purr of our transplanted cats.


jules said...

hey erin
thanks for the your picture of the tajine potter

KT said...

Sounds nice! Weekends always sounds so pleasant when you read about them. It makes me wish it was the weekend all the time.

Or that my job was to just go around testing these "weekends." You know, to make sure they are living up to the hype.

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