Wednesday, September 13, 2006

From the Blogs:
Moroccan and Middle Eastern Cuisine

Potter making tagines in Safi, Morocco. Photo by Claude Renault.

Heather John, senior editor of Bon Appetit, blogs about her first attempt at roasting a whole fish, following a Suzanne Goin recipe that appeared in the magazine. She has some tips on finding Moroccan ingredients in LA, and highlights a fish monger I've been meaning to try (but...westside...arrgh).

Sean at Hedonia puts his tagine to good use, and writes up a basic formula to follow when using this elegant cooking instrument.

For dessert, Stone Soup recently concocted a lovely pistachio-rosewater cake served with a side of frozen yoghurt. And that's not all--she provides recipes for other yoghurt-based dishes as well.


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