Monday, September 18, 2006

How to Cut Up a Chicken

Earlier this year, I took an expensive class at the New School of Cooking and I thought I was going to learn how to cut up a chicken into 8 pieces. I was wrong. Instead, I could have just watched this very useful video on CHOW's new website--for free!

image by protohiro used under a Creative Commons license


connie said...

um, kinda sad that you have that live chicken there... he's lookin' at you like, 'dude, i know you want to eat me but please don't'

at least that's this vegetarian's interpretation ;)

Kate said...

That picture under that title is priceless....the chicken is clearly saying "You're going to WHAT?????"

I love it!

I just found your site via My Sisters Kitchen and really like it. I will check back often to see what you're up to.

Momsa said...

Have to admit - going from big to small (quarters to eighths)is an improvement over my technique. As you know I always cut the small pieces first (wings and legs) and then wrangle the bird to get the rest cut up.
She does underplay the action needed to get thru those joints and bones problem for a knife that size! This is my new way- thanks Er!
PS- Yes-you may want to post "Beware of Carnivore" or some such sign in case your sis sneaks a peak.

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