Monday, June 11, 2007

A Sparkling Summer with Prosecco Cocktails

This Kumquat Sunrise would've been prettier if I'd had ruby port instead of tawny.

I can't escape from prosecco this summer (though I'm not sure I want to). First I was beguiled by the Rainwater, then I sampled the Indochine, and this weekend J and I explored the recipes in the recent LA Times article, "So, this Prosecco walks into a bar."

Making French 95s.

Saturday night we sipped French 95s--bourbon, lemon juice, orange juice, simple syrup, prosecco and an orange twist. Sunday was a bit sweeter as we drank Kumquat Sunrises-- muddled whole kumquats, simple syrup, prosecco, and tawny port (the recipe calls for ruby). Both might have been better without the simple syrup, especially the kumquat, which was plenty sweet without the extra sugar. The French 95 will be making a repeat appearance in my kitchen, if only to help finish off our bottle of Makers Mark before we move.

The LA Times reports that prosecco cocktails can be found at Hatfield's, Rustic Canyon and the Huntley Hotel's Penthouse. A little research of my own reveals that in my-soon-to-be home, NYC, you can tip back these bubbly babies at Morandi, Franny's (scroll to #9), and Gusto Restaurant and Bar.


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Connie said...

ohhh kumquat cocktails. classy & fun!

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