Wednesday, June 13, 2007

LA Favorites #11: Pat Saperstein of Eating LA

Erin's Kitchen is leaving LA! Before I go, I'm asking Angelenos to share their favorite food spots--east to west, high to low. Want to share your favorites? Email me: erinskitchen [at] gmail [dot] com. Read previous LA Favorites, including recommendations from Jonathan Gold, Russ Parsons, Evan Kleiman and fellow foodbloggers here.

LA Favorites #11: Pat Saperstein of Eating LA, one of the first (and best!) LA foodblogs, full of great dining tidbits, particularly in the San Gabriel Valley

How long have you lived in LA?
My whole life - I grew up on the Westside and have been on the Eastside for 20-plus years now. I went to college in Northern California and have been here the rest of the time.

Quick--a favorite LA food memory. What's the first one that comes to mind? Going with my dad to Tommy's, Philippe's and the Luau when I was a kid.

It's lunch time, you've got $20 bucks in your pocket, and traffic is magically non-existant. Where do you go? I'd go to Baguette Express in San Gabriel, and for $20, I can probably take three friends with me and we can all get the special Cajun shrimp bahn mi and Vietnamese iced coffee.

Top three food or drink experiences I should have before I leave LA?
1--Drinks at Yamashiro. 2--pastrami sandwich at Langer's. 3--dim sum at Sea Harbour.


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