Thursday, June 07, 2007

Deep Fried Olive Decadence at Table 8

Salty green olive + rich spicy lamb sausage + crispy fried coating = a bar snack I could eat all night. While just one of the many offerings I sampled at the Table 8 lounge earlier this week, these bite-sized beauties rose well above the rest (though the pulled pork-grilled cheese was no slouch). $7 brings 5 of them to your table, a reasonable price for the bliss induced when you crunch through the breading and the juicy filling hits your tongue.

Can't make it to LA (or Miami, home to the 2nd Table 8)? No worries. Govind Armstrong, Table 8's chef, has recently released a cookbook, "Small Bites Big Nights: Seductive Little Plates for Intimate Occasions and Lavish Parties", and the deep fried olive recipe can be found on page 69. Whip up a Pisco Sour (one of the handful of speciality cocktails on offer in the lounge), turn down the lights, turn up the music, and you're good to go.

Click here for the full lounge menu. Avoid the bland risotto balls, and be warned that the speciality cocktails clock in at a pricey $12. The lounge serves some dishes off the regular menu as late-night specials after 10 or 10:30, as well as discounted drinks [UPDATE: You can find the details of the late night deal at LivingLArge). Also, on Tuesday's, wine by the bottle is 50% off, and for 50 smackers you can get a 5 course, prix fixe tasting menu (it rotates weekly).

Table 8
7661 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 782-8258


Nina said...

Deep fried olives? Stuffed with spicy lamb sausage? In LA? Fantastic. The last -- and only -- time I've had deep fried olives was 1.5 yrs ago at a restaurant in Sonoma county. They were stuffed with duck confit and served with a nice but slightly unnecessary roasted red pepper aioli. I think Chad and I actually split the last olive, b/c they were just so amazing.

Erin S. said... confit....even better. I encourage you to head over to Table 8 and check them out--the restaurant has a decent beer list as well, which would pair wonderfully with these salty treats.

Nancy said...

Now I'm jealous that I didn't order olives. Stupid tuna crostinis... don't I wish I had the foresight to see that we would be eating more tuna again at Flavors of LA.

But if anyone's interested, I posted full details of the late-night menu on my blog.

Erin S. said...

Thanks for the note Nancy--I've updated my post with your link.

Anonymous said...

Olives? Stuffed with lamb?? And fried?! I'm there, first chance I get.

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