Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Finding Food on the Web

Since I know Erin's Kitchen can't satisfy all your food needs, I want to share some of my favorite sites that aggregate great food content from all over this crazy thing called the internet. Don't blame me if you become 50% less productive at the office once you check them out.

This ingenious site allows you to search for a restaurant and pull up a list of multiple blog reviews of the place. Say I'm considering a visit to Momofuku Ssam Bar when I head to New York next month to find an apartment. A quick search at BlogSoop reveals 19 blog reviews, and even tells me which ones have pictures! There's also BlogSoopLA and BlogSoopSF.

LA's own Jonah Manning is the brain behind this site, basically an RSS feed for restaurant-review focused blogs. There's an LA version, SF version, NY version, and for your sweet tooth, a candy version. A recent redesign allows readers to submit content as well, so little ol' bloggers like me, who mix both home cooking and eating out, can share their restaurant musings.

For all you foodporn lovers, this is your place. Photo upon photo of delicacies, from watermelon sorbet to donut soup. Like Digesty, users can submit photos, though the editors wield a fairly harsh elimination prerogative. For example, my post on Gin Bucks made the cut, while my submissions of this gorgeous cake and this vibrant salad did not. And my jam photo lasted about 1/2 a day before disappearing. C'est la vie.

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howie said...

Hi, Erin,

It's funny you should mention these sites, because our site just launched its restaurant guide that combines reviews from bloggers, newspapers, magazines, and review sites.

And we're linking to lots of reviews on this site. You can actually see and embed a Google map of your restaurant reviews into your blog:
Erin's Kitchen Restaurant Map

We're also combining "Best Of" lists so you can get a quick view of which restaurants have won awards.

I hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think.