Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Drinkin' With the Beer Chick at the Library Bar

Not a Budweiser in sight.

The bloggers were out in force for the newish Library Bar's Bloggers 'n' Beer event in downtown LA last night. As we made our way through the generous sample list, the room got louder and folks that normally hide behind computer screens compared tasting notes with their neighbors.

The night's tasting list was curated by The Beer Chick, Christina Perozzi, who consulted on the list for the Library Bar and used to manage Father's Office, well known for its beers. She wants women to learn to love beer--if her infectious enthusiasm for the beverage doesn't accomplish that goal, certainly her diverse and tasty beer recommendations should encourage even the most skeptical to move away from Miller Lite.

Flipping through my notes in my personal "card catalog", I'm reminded that I liked the summery Pasadena-made Craftsman 1903 Prohibition Lager that kicked off the evening, as well as the Belgian Saison Dupont, while I though the Inversion IPA tasted like feet (or at least how I imagine feet--the unwashed kind--taste). Perozzi explained that beer can be swirled and sniffed like wine, and described setting up her list from light to dark so as not to ruin your palate. She also provided a special ninth brew not on the tasting list, a rich, cherry beer, practically port-like, with a great name--Quelque Chose.

J and I will certainly return to this cozy downtown joint, both for my favorite apple beer that I saw standing at attention in the cooler behind the bar, and the wealth of Craftsman brews on tap. Like many of the new bars in this neighborhood, it doesn't serve its own food, but you can get snacks prepared by the Wolfgang Puck Express next door, including pizzas, herb fries, and homemade potato chips.

The Library Bar
630 West 6th Street, Suite 116-A
Los Angeles, CA 90017


Christina said...

This looks like a place I have to haunt this summer. Thanks for the review--now I know I have to go there.

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