Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gin Bucks and Other Ways to Use My Liquor

We have a really big bottle of Jim Beam here at Erin's Kitchen. A reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyy big bottle--1.75 liters--and it's 75% full. It made the trip from Washington, DC to LA with us nearly 5 years ago, and I'll be damned if I'm dragging it back across the country.

In addition, our liquor cabinet boasts (or perhaps sheepishly admits):
  • Beefeater Gin
  • Hendricks Gin
  • Monopolowa Vodka
  • Sauza Tequila
  • Patron Citronage
  • Maker's Mark
  • Pernod
  • Campari
  • Sweet Vermouth
  • Dry Vermouth
  • A smidge of Kahlua
And in the strange and shameful and undrinkable category:
  • Not one, but two bottles of Bailey's Irish Creme (they were gifts!)
  • Not one, not two, but three bottles of middling brandy for cooking (I should check the cupboards before I shop)
J also owns three nice bottles of scotch, and those can make the trek. The rest? We've gotta finish them, and I need your help. Without the purchase of additional liquor (mixers are okay), what would you make out of the above motley list?

So far, we've found Negronis very efficient--1 part gin, 1 part Campari, 1 part sweet vermouth. This Gin Buck is quite tasty too, especially with Australia's fab Bundaberg Ginger Beer, but not as helpful at reducing our wares.

Gin Buck

1 shot gin
juice of 1/2 a lime
ginger beer or ginger ale
lime slice for garnish

Pour the gin over ice in a rocks glass, add lime juice and stir. Fill glass with ginger beer or ale. Stir, add lime slice, and contemplate your liquor cabinet.


themirthmobile said...

oh, that ginger beer is reeeeeally good.

Aubrey said...

Sounds like you need to have a going away party at your place...bring your own cup!

KT said...

Our liquor cabinets are twins! Except add in all of J's esoteric old-time cocktail making potions.

What I would do, is just give it all to me when you leave.

But I will ask J., my resident bartender what he would make.

KT said...

Okay, we have consulted and agree that Negronis are the best, because they use three ingredients from your list.

The most we could come up with otherwise is two:

A margarita made with both tequilas + lime juice, instead of triple sec.

Manhattans also use two.

The ultimate I could think of, is if you're desperate, you could make a version of a long island iced tea, using the vodka, gin, both tequilas, lemon juice and cola.

Two fancy suggestions upon consulting our library are:

Orange Blossom: equal parts orange juice, gin, and sweet vermouth.

If you want to invest in some orange bitters, the Chauncey will use several of your ingredients: equal parts gin, sweet vermouth, whiskey and brandy + a dash of orange bitters (or you could maybe substitute an orange twist - although not the same).

Good luck!

Christina said...

Manhattans are darn good and get a vote from me. What a fun post!

Erin S. said...

themirthmobile--yeah, I first had it at the Hungry Cat--it's delish, just spicy enough.

Aubrey--Good idea...especially for the Jim Beam :)

KT--Thanks for your ideas! I like Manhattan's a lot. And Negronis are growing on me...

Christina--yeah, i'm trying to focus on the "fun" parts of moving...

Jess said...

What's wrong with Bailey's?! Just as long as you don't down it with Peppermint schnapps like a sorority girl, it's damn tasty.

joy said...

I went to and clicked on "In my Bar" and came up with a long list of possibilities, as long as you're willing to add lemon, lime, orange, etc...and at least 23 possibilities if not. Now...that doesn't mean they all taste good. (!!)

Erin S. said...

Jess--perhaps it's the sorority girl connotations--or the memory of my french host sister in Epinal, France during high school--she and a friend would buy Bailey's, mix it with water in a plastic bottle, and sit down by the river to drink it?!?!

Joy--thanks for the link to that site--I'll check it out.

damian said...

Where to begin.......
Sazeracs with your whiskey and pernod. just add simple syrup ,peychaud bitters and citrus rind. stir gently.
If you have lime and orange juice and mint available you could hit up caroline on crack for her Whiskey Smash recipe......
Gin, kahlua and lemon makes Bumble Bees.
Use the citronge with the tequilas for Margaritas, or with the vodka for something californian just add avocado and cranberry with 3 limes.
if it's cooking Brandy , citronge and lemon for Sidecars (make this in a pitcher and pretend your'e a chef. yes, sugar the rim of the pitcher for authenticity)
The orange blossom mentioned before sounds like The Bronx cocktail from back in the day.
Sweet vermouth and campari makes Americanos just add club soda.
Use the gin and vodka together for a Vesper
or for the avanced home bartender the Los Angeles Cocktail with whiskey, sweet vermouth, lemon, simple syrup, and egg white topped with grated nutmeg.
finally us equal parts gin, orange juice and grenadine with a half measure of pernod and a squeeze of lemon for the most delicious (if you have the palate for the ingredients ) and as yet , un named tall cocktail.
That is if your'e cleaning out your kitchen...........
Are you sure there is no rum????

Erin S. said...

Damian--what a great list of recs. I do like Sazeracs, and the Americano sounds interesting. Tell me more about this vodka drink with avocado??? I'm skeptical :)

I do have a small bit of rum--what do you recommend?? Thanks again for the great ideas.

damian said...

.............For the rum if its light, make daiquiris add citronge and lime.
If it's dark or spiced, cable cars add citronge and lemon juice with a dark sugar rim.
Even better pick up some blackberries and mango smoothie at TJ's( $3.29 for a large punnet) add rum and baileys in equal parts. I like to call this one Lady Penelope.
The avocado was just a giggle.
Try Bloody Marys/Red Snappers with a little ground Arugula, Basil, and a drop of Balsamic vinegar reduction to use up the vodka/gin

Erin S. said...


Are you the fab bartender at Seven Grand that Caroline has told me about?? If so, then you're probably the one that has made my sazeracs there (the first place I'd had one). Perhaps I'll see you this Saturday at her birthday party??)

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