Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wednesday Small Bites

The LA Times has an article about local wine bars in the food section today, mentioning Vinoteca Farfalla, which I praised here a couple weeks ago. The article doesn't mention the cozy nook at the Colorado Wine Company in Eagle Rock, a great spot for a glass, nor the ridiculously crowded but convivial Silverlake Wine regular tastings. I consider it a wine bar without seats.

LA Foodblogging has launched foodblogging forums, so head over and discuss. Right now I'm interested in the best Sawtelle Ramen poll--this is an area of town I never visit, but it's going on my (long) list of to-dos.

I'm Mad and I Eat made some delicious looking sausage recently, which reminds me I need to post the details of our terrine-making adventure before the holidays. It'll come soon, I promise.

Photo by Elektra Fisher

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