Sunday, January 01, 2006

'06 New Year’s Food Resolutions: #1 More Fish and Salads

I'm not normally a formal New Year's Resolution list maker, but as I expand my cooking and food exploration more and more I realize I want to learn and grow in my food knowledge, which requires a bit of planning and setting goals. So--with that in mind, and the fact that writing things down always makes them more real to me, the next few posts will outline some delicious plans for 2006.

Beet and Orange Salad

Morroccan Spiced Salmon with Wilted Spinach in a Harissa Viniagrette

#1: More Fish and Salads
Eat healthier. Our fridge will always hold the ingredients for a mixed green salad, and more creative vegetable/fruit/greens mixes will appear on our table at least once a week. I’ll learn and remember the list of environmentally-sound fish and finally visit the Fish King in Glendale (and remember frozen TJ’s seafood will do, too). I’ll visit healthy websites like Cooking Light and Kalyn’s Kitchen for inspiration.

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