Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nicky D's Pizza: Comforting Sunday Dinner

Sunday night we had grand plans for homemade wild mushroom ravioli, until our more adventurous cat, Sebastian, decided to chow down on a lily (hidden way, way, way up high on shelf). Lilies, as we now know, are poisonous and often deadly for cats, causing kidney failure. While I grew hysterical, J managed to get him in the pet carrier and we rushed to the emergency pet clinic. After two nights at the vet, one scare when his kidney enzymes went out of whack, and more money than we'd care to admit, he's now back safe and sound at home, though not convinced he can trust us anymore.

Sunday night was quite depressing though, as J and I sat in our living room and worried. A Pesto-Chicken-Goat Cheese PIzza from nearby Nicky D's helped sooth our nerves. (Well, that and a bottle of Tempranillo). Seriously, the woodfired pizza at this SIlverlake shop is some of the best, whether you're in need of comfort or merely a tasty pie.

Nicky D's Pizza
2764 Rowena Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039


mumu said...

Hi Erin

I wanted to email you but can't seem to locate your email address on your blog. Thought you might like to know I've tagged you for a meme.


If you've got time, do play along. 8-)

Rorie said...

Golly, that pizza looks good! Glad the kitty is ok, too.

PS - love your eyeglasses in your photo!

Anonymous said...

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