Thursday, January 19, 2006

Seven Meme

A few days ago, Darla at Messy Cucina tagged me for the sevens meme and I've been woefully slow to respond. I love lists, though, but I wanted to make the questions a little more food-oriented, so I hope she won't mind that I've adapted a few of the categories!

Seven Places I Want to Visit in LA This Year
instead of seven places to visit before i die

1) Guelaguetza, a Oaxacan mole joint
2) Ramen places on Sawtelle in West LA
3) Koreatown BBQ spots
4) Providence, a fancy seafood place that's earned high praise from both critics and chowhounds alike
5) Little India in Artesia
6) Fosselman's and Mashti Malone's Ice Cream
7) Game Chili night at Saddle Peak Lodge in the hills of Malibu

Seven Things I've Never Eaten (but plan to)
instead of seven things I cannot do

1) Caviar (the time at age 15 when I tried a bit off the salad bar at Legal Seafoods in Annapolis, MD doesn't count!)
2) Frog legs (though I had a chance at a conference in Northern VA last week, but who eats frog legs off the buffet line at a conference center?)
3) Truffles, the mushroom not the chocolate kind
4) Steak tartare
5) Sweetbreads
6) Chicken feet (when I studied abroad in Zimbabwe, my youngest host sister would get the chickenfeet as a special treat after dinner and suck on them for hours. She looked so happy that i was always tempted to try them, but never did.)
7) Cauliflower (Well, I have eaten this before, but not for awhile. I've seen so many good recipes with it lately, here for example, that i need to reexamine my tastebuds on this one)

Seven Food Bloggers I LIke Reading (that I need to add to my sidebar!)
instead of seven things that attract me to blogging

1) Jasmine at Confessions of a Cardamom Addict
2) Alysha at The Savory Notebook
3) A Curious Mix
4) Nic at Baking Sheet
5) Amy at Cooking with Amy
6) Tana at Small Farms
7) Nicky at Delicious Days

Seven Favorite Books--Because When I'm not Working or Cooking, I'm Reading

1) Anna Karenina/Tolstoy
2) Pale Fire/Nabakov
3) Cloud Atlas/Mitchell
4) Love in the Time of Cholera/Marquez
5) Midnight's Children/Rushdie
6) The Remains of the Day/Ishiguro
7) Country of My Skull/Krog


Angie said...

I also had sweetbreads on my own "list of foods to try" recently. Over the holidays, I had an opportunity to taste them at Battuto in the Little Italy neighborhood of Cleveland, OH. Thanks for the opportunity to plug this great restaurant in my hometown.
They were delicious and I even got some of my more adventurous dining friends to try a bite.
Enjoy 2006 and checking some "to-do's" off your list!

mumu said...

Just a note to say hi, erin. Frog's legs...I used to eat them when I was a kid. Because the Chinese term for 'frog' literally means 'field chicken', I didn't know what I was really eating then. Then I grew up and came to know what they were and I stopped eating them. I think it must be those live green frogs I see waiting in glass tanks in Chinese restaurants. 8-)

Jasmine said...

Thanks Erin!

Great twist on the list.

Can you do me a favour and email me? I've a q for you on behalf of a friend...


darlamay said...

I like your adaptations to the list! I live, and probably will die, for Sweetbreads, you've got to try 'em.

Rorie said...

Love love love your lists - how could I leave Midnight's Children off my book list?!!!

Definitely plan a visit to Artesia's Little India ... such fun and good food!

BTW I think you and my husband are in the same profession!!

Christopher said...

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