Wednesday, January 04, 2006

That's the Los Angeles Times Food Section

As both l.a. foodblogging and LA Observed mentioned, today’s article in the LA Times regarding food blogs ignored the slew of excellent Los Angeles-based food blogs. Kevin at LA Observed noted few reactions from local blogs, including mine. Considering I’ve had my blog for less than three months, I’m under no illusions that I’d be noticed by the Times, but I was surprised by the dearth of Angelenos in the list. Perhaps part of the reason was the recent Calendar section article on local blogs that mentioned a handful of foodies--including Eating LA, Professor Salt and The Delicious Life (I think that’s the list--can’t completely remember and can’t access the whole article without paying, link to abstract here).

In general, I look forward to the food section each week, particularly the recipes which often focus on using in-season produce, any article by Russ Parsons, and the counterintelligence column. In fact, I think it’s one of the strongest sections of the paper, so I’m willing to cut it a little slack on the blog article.

Good articles from this week’s section:
New Wave Kosher with Morrocan Flare : I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t have found this place on my own.
Warmth of Provence: You’re all invited for a daube at my house soon!

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