Sunday, January 01, 2006

'06 New Year’s Food Resolutions: #2 Conquer Crust

For once, it rolled so well that I was actually able to truly drape it across the pan. Excitement!

When it baked, however, it shrank in fear from the sides.

My layers of curd and chocolate ensconced in a not-too-flaky, underdone crust.

#2-Conquer crust
I am so close. I have the right tools—my new rolling pin sleeve and non-stick mat prevent disasters that end up pressed into the pan. I have the right advice—Julia, Madame E. Saint-Ange, and the Joy of Cooking combined steer my course. I even understand both the term and technique of fraiser—working the dough. Yet I don’t quite have the feel. My well-rolled but overly sticky dough for the Meyer Lemon Tart I made this weekend cringed from the sides of the pan upon baking and was very, very hard—signs of too much water according to Madame. Plus, I underbaked it (from fear of the center puffiness preventing any room for the lemon curd), further contributing to the hardness, particularly of the bottom crust. This disappointment (especially considering the deliciousness of the filling—it deserved a perfect container) only increases my desire to practice, practice, practice. And of course, convince my neighbors to eat all my creations, as too many buttery crusts will contradict the goals of Food Resolution #1.


Fran said...

Hi Erin--I posted a reply at Heidi's site but thought I would stop by your site too. I sympathize about the crust. I can't tell you how many times and recipes I used--too many to count until I started using oil for my recipe. Love your site. Great photos and lovely food. Looks as though you received some wonderful gifts. Love that tart pan.

Owen said...

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