Sunday, November 27, 2005

Thanksgiving Recovery

After a delicious, thoroughly decadent, butter and sugar-filled Thanksgiving in Kentucky, you land Friday night at LAX, hungry (amazingly enough), tired, and tempted to drive directly home and order in. Instead, you swing by Little Toyko and drop in at Hama Sushi. There's no better way to revive your appetite, both for healthy food, and for living in Los Angeles. This tiny sushi bar has become a favorite in this neighborhood, particularly on Thursday nights after visiting the (free) MOCA.

Its no-nonsense signage masks a warm interior and good-natured sushi chefs, particularly after they've consumed a couple Budweisers. Friday night after soothing bowls of miso soup, we enjoyed yellowtail and salmon sushi, spicy tuna cut and hand rolls. We also shared a plate of albacore tuna sashimi--this wasn't my favorite, possibly because of the slivered green onion topping--the fish was fresh, just not to my taste. On other visits, we've enjoyed the salmon skin hand roll--but the crispy, salty fried skins didn't fit our "recovery" mode. Next time.

Hama Sushi
347 E. 2nd St.
(213) 680-3454


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