Sunday, November 06, 2005

Blueberry Coffeecake

How did I manage to marry a man who doesn't like eggs? There's no going back at this point, but I hope he realizes the breakfast sacrifices I'm making on my part. He has tried quiche once or twice, and even proclaims to like the Julia Child version (though I think that has more to do with the significant amounts of cream and bacon more than any appreciation for the humble egg).

Due to the egg ban, my urge for Sunday-morning cooking usually manifests itself in the form of baked goods. This morning frozen blueberries were thawed and the Better Homes and Garden coobook recipie for "fruit" coffeecake was put to use. Lacking buttermilk or sour milk, a combo of leftover mascarpone and 2% was substituted (I have no reasonable cooking justification for that, other than it sounded good). Turned out, it tasted good too, though the butter/sugar/flour topping could use a little work. But for before having actual coffee, not too bad.


Anonymous said...

Looks great- nice presentation. Blueberries no doubt best but I could envision fresh cranberries, apples, peaches even?

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