Friday, November 11, 2005

Flavor of Fall

Inspired by my parents' recent apple-pie making extravaganza, I bought gobs of fuji apples at the farmer's market last weekend with only a vague idea of what I would make. Decided to go for an Apple Streusel Tart with Honey Crust, and conquer my fear of crusts (or at least get some practice). The rolling of the dough was my usual irregular shaped mess. I got it fairly thin, and then carefully tore off pieces and pressed them into the tart pan. Seemed wrong, but tasted great. The crust was actually my favorite part of the tart--it tasted like homemade graham crackers. The shredded filling, while tasty, had a weird texture. I think I would thinly slice the apples in the future. Also, I don't think fujis were the best apple for a baked dish--the recipe recommends Gala, Jonagold, or Winesap.

For more Los Angeles-area apple inspiration, check out this article in the Los Angeles Times about nearby orchards:Acre's of Apples

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Anonymous said...

Looks goregeous!
Yes, I'd expect Fujis to be a little soft and a bit sweet. Tart apples also have more pectin yielding a thicker syrup. A mix of a softer sweeter apple with a tart one can work too.