Friday, November 18, 2005

Cafe Figaro: A Redeeming Quality?

When I first moved to Los Feliz, Cafe Figaro on Vermont looked like a possible replacement for one of my DC favs, Bistro Du Coin. How wrong I was. The decor is lovely, but I find the food overpriced and instead of a convivial atmosphere, it always seems hushed and snobby. Once I stopped in for a morning cup of coffee to go, and it was $4. It was good coffee, but $4???

Well, last night on the way home I decided I needed some good bread for my eggs. I was walking from the bus stop, and Figaro's right on the way, so against my better judgement, decided to give the bakery portion a try. Remarkably, the service was friendly and they do something I've never seen before--you can buy just half a loaf of bread (it's not precut either, they take a fresh full loaf and cut it). It was still ridiculously expensive ($6 for half a loaf), but the olive bread was crusty outside, pleasantly chewy inside. Next time I'm feeling spendy, lazy and hungry for carbs, I'll stop in again.

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