Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Highland Park Excursion: Tacos and Pop

I first discovered Galco's Soda Pop Stop a hot and sweaty August day when I was all dressed up for a work meeting in Highland Park. The meeting had ended, and my nylons were sticking, and all I wanted was a cold beverage on my way home. Instead of grabbing my usual Diet Coke, Galco's gave me row upon row of delicous sounding choices. I settled on Peach Nehi, a fizzy revelation.

While I'd been wanting to return to Galco's forever, a faint recollection of a LA Weekly article on good regional Mexican joints in the same neighborhood led to a two-for-one Sunday afternoon excursion, and landed us at Tacos el Michoacano, a hole-in-the wall joint, before soda-shopping. The article claimed Tacos el Michoacano had first-rate carnitas and indeed it did. The pork was cubed not shredded, and covered in a light green slightly spicy salsa. We were given chips and salsa as well--this salsa was smoky red and chunky. We gobbled our tacos and chips quickly, slurping sweet and milky strawberry licuados all the while. 2 tacos a piece, 2 licuados, less than $10.

We then headed to Galco's and proceeded to fill two six packs with a mix of sodas. We're splitting one a day, first trying a Plantation-Style Mint Julip, which was both the color and taste of spearmint gum, though not so sugary. We decided it would work well for an ice cream float. Last night we opened Jackson Hole High Mountain Huckleberry Soda--I can honestly, un-hyperbolically claim this is the best soda I have ever had. Lightly sweet and fully fruity, completely refreshing. I have a feeling we're going back for a case soon.

Galco's Soda Pop Stop

5702 York Boulevard
Highland Park
(323) 255-7115

Tacos el Michoacano

5933 York Blvd
Highland Park


Rachael said...

See, this is why I adore your site. I love Galco's but have never writien about it, and now I dont have to!

Thank you for the suggestions...I will have to try that huckleberry soda next time I pop in. (Pop. Get it.)

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pedro velasquez said...

Who in Chris Hansen hell thought it was a cute for Shawn Johnson to say, sportsbook "It makes my taco pop!" in a national commercial?! Shawn, needs to keep her taco to herself! They probably asked Nasty Nastia to do that commercial, but she knows very well that her taco doesn't pop. It coos. bet nfl And for the record, Ortega sauce makes my taco dry heave. Wait. Do I even have a taco? I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore. Too many innuendos make me dizzy.

Anonymous said...

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