Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What I've Learned While On Jury Duty

1--One bag of Peanut M&M's, carefully rationed, will get you through an afternoon of testimony.

2--Pitfire Pizza Company (interior, right) serves up a crispy, thin crust, flavorful, individual-sized pie with better-than-usual toppings, such as the artichoke special I savored. Tomorrow I plan to try the folded pizza with fennel sausage, but I'll have to bypass the newly added wine and beer menu.

3--When searching for a good bento lunch box in Little Toyko, don't bother with Sushi&Teri in the Japanese Village Plaza, even if it is full of people (often [but not always, for example: Cheesecake Factory] busy = good spot). For $10, you get a bland bento that'll leave you wanting more.

4--Fiore Natural Italian Yogurt, also in the Japanese Village Plaza, seems to have a new, or perhaps secondary name, If Frozen Yogurt--the signage confuses. It also has a new flavor of froyo--blackberry--which was mighty tasty, though the kiwi and mango toppings weren't as fresh as I'd have liked.

5--A law degree does not equal intelligence or eloquence. Okay, this I had already guessed, but the jury duty? Proves the theory.

M&M picture from M&M website; Pitfire photo from Tales of an LA Addict, who has a lovely flickr photoset highlighting a pizza and wine tasting at Pitfire.


H. C. said...

Haha, if not for my blackberry I'd go insane waiting around jury duty. Too bad you weren't JDing tomorrow, you could've checked out Edison too (it's Wed-Sat/Sun for now, I believe

Chubbypanda said...

I'm a little worried. I haven't gotten a summons in a while.

Erin S. said...

HC--I plan to check out Edison tonight--I'm still on duty as I'm actually serving on a trial!!

CP--I'll cross my fingers for you!

KT said...

Another good time-killer at lunchtime is the Japanese supermarket. I went a little crazy in there last time with the snacks. And if it gets cold again, Daikokuya is right there, waiting for you with its hearty ramen.

I was pretty aware by the time I got through law school that we were not all Clarence Darrows, but some of the stuff I have seen in court in the past year really boggles my mind.

What's even scarier is that over half the people who take the bar don't even pass it, so all of us bumbling our way through trials and hearings are supposedly the better half of our graduating classes.

elmomonster said...

You're lucky. When I get called for jury duty I get sent to Rancho Cucamonga (long story). And lunch is Del Taco. The $5/day they give you *does* go a long way there though.

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