Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fiore Natural Italian Yogurt, Little Tokyo

fuzzy fiore yogurt: J's mix of kiwi, watermelon and almonds

Thanks to fellow LA foodblogger Colleen Cuisine, I knew that J and I could look forward to a sweet treat in Little Toyko after our dinner at Hama Sushi last night. Fiore Natural Italian Yogurt reminds me of a trendier TCBY, a staple of my youth (much to the delight of my sister and me, my father would often "lose control of the car" and it would magically take us to TCBY).

next time, I'm going for blueberry and mango

You can get the stevia-sweetened yogurt in two flavors--"original" which tastes tangily vanilla-esque and green tea. The toppings are where the excitement's at--fresh fruits of all kinds with no sticky syrup in sight, nuts, chocolate and the more exotic cucumber or red beans.

I'm still an ice cream girl at heart, but I enjoyed our relatively guilt-free dessert. Little Toyko's one of my favorite LA neighborhoods, and Fiore's location across from an always packed shabu shabu joint guarantees a fun spot to stop on a Friday night.

Fiore Natural Italian Yogurt
134 Japanese Village Plaza Mall
Los Angeles, CA 90012


connie said...

wow! what an interesting place. And the colors are beautiful!

KT said...

I love the part about the car taking over control. I think mine does that to me sometimes. I don't know how else I would end up at some of the ice cream shops and bakeries I get to.

Rachael said...

Beautiful photo! I was just there the other night, but weirdly, got the mochi. Shoudl have tried the stevia icecream! Thanks for the awesome heads up!

Erin S. said...

KT, I agree--my car still does that. Though now that I have a blog I can always claim it's for "research" purposes.

Rachael--how was the mochi? I see there's a pinkberry opening down the street from me, and many people seem to like it a bit better than fiore, so we'll see.

Kalyn said...

Sounds yummy. The stevia ice cream sounds interesting.

Anita said...

So funny... my dad's car used to make "involuntary left turns" into the Baskin-Robbins lot. :D

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