Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Five to Try Before Ya Die

The Traveler's Lunchbox has put out a call to foodbloggers: what foods have you eaten that you recommend everyone try before they die? The inspiring Kalyn's Kitchen tagged me to participate, so let me share my humble recommendations:

1. Fresh-ca
ught fish
Simple, yet profound. The fishsticks of your elementary school lunch bear no resemblance to a lake trout that has just left its watery home.

2. Fruit you picked

Knowing the secret patch of blueberries down the road, finding that neighborhood lemon tree that leans over the sidewalk. Whether you're urban or rural, it's extremely satisfying, both for your brain and your stomach, to forage your food.

3. Sadza
Sadza, a cornmeal mush, is Zimbabwe's staple food. It's tasteless and sits in your stomach like a rock. However, eating it is a humble reminder of one's privelige. I constantly pestered my host sisters when I studied abroad in this country, asking them for all their favorites, including favorite food. Invariably, the answer was sadza and I couldn't understand why. Finally, they were able to explain--"it gives us life."

4. Duck in any and all its forms

Such a small little bird with such a fabulous fatty flesh. Whether it's the tongue, the breast, the fattened liver--it's all good.

5. Goat cheese with fennel honey
I had to have some dairy on here, right? J and I had this dish at Babbo the night we got engaged. While the entire meal was divine, the simplicity of this dish is a reminder that often the best dishes are the least complicated. With the highest quality ingredients and a creative idea, it's hard to go wrong.

Who's next? I'd love to hear what Married...with Dinner, LA Ritz, Cooking in the 'Cuse, Confessions of a Cardamom Addict and LifeLoveChocolate have to say. Of course, anyone else who has ideas--please share!


Kalyn said...

Great list. I like how you wove a bit of your life experience into the list.

Anita said...

We're honored top be tagged! I'm about to take off for the long weekend with the (original) family, but we'll put on our thinking caps -- and arm-wrestle over what goes on the list -- in the meantime.
~Anita & Cameron
Married ...with Dinner

PoetKitty said...

You got engaged at Babbo?
This is why I love you. Great post.

Erin S. said...

anita--yeah, it was hard to choose only 5. i can't wait to see what you come up with.

poetkitty--well, we actualy got engaged in washington square park, then headed over to babbo for dinner afterwards. needless to say we were a little giddy and though i loved my meal there, it's a bit of a blur!

Jasmine said...

Hi Erin

I just posted my list -- thanks for taggin me :)


Anita said...

Our list is finally up! Well my list is... Cameron is still thinking about his.