Monday, February 05, 2007

Breakfast at Blair's, Silver Lake

At left: Blair's at night.

The rocker moms' favorite "fancy" restaurant in Silver Lake now serves breakfast/brunch, and after one visit, I'm a fan. It's easy to like Blair's new breakfast menu since I love me some scrambled eggs, and they have many different versions including the earthy serving of ova, shiitakes and morels I chowed on Saturday morning. Served with buttery sauteed arugula and even more buttery fried potatos and shallots, this dish was lovely, and thanks to the arugula and shallots, different (and better!) than your average hipster brunch dish.

However, if eggs aren't your thing, the menu doesn't provide many options, at least for breakfast (for those of you who will "brunch" on lunch items, it's another story). J settled for the blueberry pancakes---his other option was oatmeal, or any number of pastries. Speaking of pastries, I've praised Blair's dessert donuts in the past, and now they serve them at room temperature for breakfast, still delightfully decadent, stuffed with vanilla cream.

Other morning perks at Blair's: good coffee with frequent refills, multiple copies of the New York Times, a chill soundtrack, and a take-out counter for coffee and pastries. In a nod to the early-rising parents in the neighborhood, breakfast starts at 7 AM, and they're open all day until 10 PM.

Another Blair's brunch review here at Chowhound.

2903 Rowena Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039


Momsa said...

Enjoyed your DC posts but glad you are back in LA!

So..Rachel Ray's March mag. features some of your (and my) fav spots- LA, DC and San Antonio. DC of course- Eastern Mkt is included. All beach stuff for LA- nice! BTW this mag makes a GREAT gift. Oh I know there are Rachel haters out there... normally I'd agre but somehow she knows what I am interested in!

Jessica Nemeroff said...

Thanks for the write-up. Been wondering what the deal is at the bigger Blair's now. Sounds like I'll have to hit it for lunch after doing Mommy and Me yoga up the street.