Monday, February 26, 2007

Milk, It Does A Body Good?

Perhaps not, at least in the form of the shakes, malts and sundaes at LA's newest ice cream spot--Milk. But nevermind the body, a banana peanut malt (homemade banana ice cream, fresh bananas, malted milk, roasted peanuts), is certainly good for the soul.

It's especially good for soul after having spent over SEVEN HOURS in the ER the night before. Nothing serious, but something that had to be taken care of, however ridiculously slowly. J and I had tried to erase the memory right away with late night diner food and ice cream at Astro Family Restaurant in Silver Lake, but there we received the most disappointing concoctions ever. My "root beer float" consisted of half a glass of ice(!), one-third of a glass of rootbeer, with a scoop of vanilla resting on top. Huh??

Hence, Saturday afternoon we moseyed over to the recently opened Milk, on the southeast corner of Beverly and Pointsettia. Executive chef and owner Bret Thompson has created a happy, high-ceilinged spot, with plenty of homemade ice creams by the cone or dish (I sampled a divine blood orange), 25 cent bonbons, extra-special treats like my banana malt or J's strawberry shortcake malt (malted milk, vanilla ice cream, strawberry sorbet, and buttery, vanilla cookie crumbles), and a baked goods case starring a blue velvet cake made with blueberry puree. The menu also includes a handful of sandwiches and salads, but clearly the dairy products steal the show. If they'd get some blinds to curtail the hot late afternoon sun, it'd be nearly perfect. Hopefully, it won't take another hospital misadventure before we're back.

More Milk reports from Eating LA and Chowhound.

7290 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036


KT said...

The bon-bons are the bomb(-bomb). Yum.

By the way, they had a breakfast menu that looked good, but we discovered to our disappointment this weekend that they won't serve breakfast for another couple of weeks.

Rachael said...

My head is spinning. I love that place. My hips...they hate it.

Thanks for the post!

(Oh my word, I write the lamest comments some times! Ack! I just was drooling and had to say SOMETHING...)

themirthmobile said...

yeah, the only redeeming factor about astro fam is that it's open 24 hours. who puts ice in a root beer float? but i can't wait to try MILK!

Anonymous said...

This is down the street (almost cattycorner) to Angelini Osteria. I'll swing by next time I want dessert.

Carrie said...

I wrote a review on Citysearch of this place. The food is really good too.

They are closed on Monday's now until summer though.

Erin S. said...

KT--thanks for the heads up on breakfast. And the fact that I haven't tried the bonbons means I have to go back soon, right?

Rachael--lame? No way. Thanks for stopping by.

mirthmobile--yeah, Astro was pretty sad--even the fries sucked. Will stick to the brite spot or Fred62 in the future. Neither is amazing, but both can be satisfying.

Anon--great idea!

Carrie--Will check out your review. Good to note re: Mondays.

Chubbypanda said...

Wow. This is the third post I've read on Milk. Sounds like the new Sprinkles.

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