Monday, February 26, 2007

Newsflash: The Food Network is on TELEVISION

Recently, celeb chef Anthony Bourdain got the foodblog community all atwitter over his commentary on the Food Network's biggest stars. Sure, the comments were mildly humorous, worth a read on a boring workday afternoon, but I'm amazed at the righteous indignation of the comments to his post (and the ones on the follow up posts by Michael Ruhlman, a food writer). Foodies are just disgusted, disgusted I tell you, with the dreck on the food network. It is a moral outrage.

Um, hello? The Food Network is on television. Have ya checked out what's on television these days? Wifeswap, anyone? Desperate Housewives? So NoTORIous? American Idol? Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? Entertaining, maybe. Highbrow, no. And guess what, you grumpy food fanatics, complaining that the Food Network shows are all about selling viewers stuff? DUH! That's kinda the point of the whole medium these days.

Finally, what I find most amusing, are the commenters that complain heartily about the shows, and can complain in very specific detail, outlining every single one of Sandra Lee's ridiculous concoctions on every episode in the past month. Here's a thought--if it's so incredibly horrible, turn it off! Change the channel! Unsubscribe from cable! At the very least get down off your moral high horse long enough to realize it's just TV.


Kalyn said...

Hear, hear! You said it all.

KT said...

Very true! My solution to things I think are bad is ... not to watch them. Therefore, I have never seen Sandra Lee's show.

I still love Iron Chef America, I don't care what anyone says, and Ina Garten is my girlfriend.

I honestly have no idea what else is on the Food Network. Oh, except Ace of Cakes, which is rad.

But then again, I also watch stuff like "My Super Sweet 16" so I'm probably not the best person to comment on the quality of television.

sarah said...

amen, girl, AMEN.

my first step in the 12 step program was to never watch the food channel (which was tought becuase i USED to have a serious addiction).

second step was to never watch tv.

last step - i disconnected my cable service.

ok, so it's a three step program. anyway, life has never been more interesting!

Anonymous said...

Watching Sandra Lee is kind of like watching a train wreck or a car accident - you *know* you shouldn't watch, but it's just so horrifying that it's impossible to look away.

Just count that among the many, many reasons that I don't have cable!

Chubbypanda said...

I agree to a certain extent, but the issue for me is that Food Network seems to feel it needs to appeal to the lowest common denominator in order to succeed. Its core audience, those of us who helped make is successful in the first place, are anything but the lowest common denominator. Is it any wonder that we feel left out in the cold?

Kate said...

No cable = no Food Network

When I can see it, I can't watch it. I don't get it and never have. What is the appeal of WATCHING someone cook? I don't understand, but what I do see on the rare occasion puzzles me as I just can't decide WHO would find it appealing.

Very well put post, Erin. Very well put.

Erin S. said...

Well--glad I'm not the only one! Chubbypanda, I can understand where you're coming from--something that you used to like/support changing to something you despise.

Part of my point though was that ALL TV caters to the lowest common denominator (except maybe PBS which doesn't rely on ad sales) and we can't expect the Food Network to be any better than all the rest of the bazillions of horrible channels these days.

Anonymous said...

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