Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cherry Goodness

Though just the other night J and I were self-righteously congratulating ourselves for the lack of processed foods in our cupboards, I want to share two cherry (flavored) products that have won my heart (and stomach).

First, bourbon soaked cherries. Maker's Mark soaked to be exact. J's parents recently moved to Kentucky and we're the recipient of many a bourbon-flavored item--bourbon coffee, bourbon cookies, bourbon tea, bourbon balls. We keep asking for some bourbon-bourbon, but I think we'll have to pick that up ourselves when we visit in a few weeks.

These Maker's Mark cherries are disappearing fast in our fridge--mainly in my current favorite drink, old fashioneds, but I'm not ashamed to admit that sometimes I just spoon one out for a late night snack.

Second, and more concerning considering the recent New York Times report on the hip-bone-weakening effects of diet soda, I'm in love with Cherry Coke Zero. It's like diet, but zero (no, I don't really know the difference). It's delish. I know my late afternoon work break should consist of just two small, locally-grown walnuts, a blueberry for antioxidents, and a glass of tap water, but dammit, I want me some diet soda. And this stuff tastes like chemical laden cherries, but in a good way. Yum!!!


H. C. said...

Oooh Maker's my bourbon of choice for Manhattans, those cherries would be perfecto!

Kathy said...

Hi Erin!
Oh man, you make those cherries sound so good, I'll have to get my hands on a bottom of them sooooon! ;)

Amanda said...

After reading your blog I excitedly purchased my first twelve-pack of cherry coke zero--- I've always been a cherry coke fan but also like to stick to diet soda. Thanks for letting me know this is out there, as weirdly (and deliciously) artificial tasting as it is!

Erin S. said...

HC and Kathy--yeah, they're tasty. Highly recommended.

Amanda--The convenience store next to my office had it for a few weeks, but now it's gone!! I better stock up. said...

Really effective info, thanks so much for the post.

Alexandre said...

sour cherry is good too as it is more flavoured and a little bit more acidic