Monday, March 26, 2007

Baby Artichoke Disappointment

baby artichokes by frangrit

Regular artichokes? I find them intimidating, despite excellent online "how to trim" tutorials. They're poky, full of hairy chokes, and I'm always disappointed by the small bit left after pulling off all the outer leaves.

Baby artichokes, on the other hand, couldn't be easier to prepare. Remove a few leaves, trim the tops, you're good to go (pictorial instructions here). I have fond memories of a crispy, sweet roasted baby artichoke dish I made last spring, but did I write it down? Note the website or cookbook where I found it? Of course not. Last night I searched and searched, but couldn't turn it up. I settled on Baked Baby Artichokes instead, and was very disappointed. Perhaps it was my 'chokes, perhaps the recipe, but it was blah, bland, and soggy.

Readers, any baby artichoke recommendations? Perhaps I'll try Spicetart's recipe with bacon and vinegar, or Words to Eat By's artichoke and parmesan salad, a simple, no-cook recipe.

PS--Reason why I love the Hollywood Farmers' Market #245: I get to buy my baby artichokes as this guy walks right by with his weekly produce.


Jess said...

I've never tried them shaved raw, but maybe marinade with some salt, lemon and olive oil? That's my next plan. Otherwise I've braised them in olive oil and a little lemon. I think I got the method from an epicurious recipe. Shit, can't remember for sure.

Gotta love that delish celeb sighting!!

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