Friday, March 09, 2007

Mozza with Moguls

After receiving fabulous news on Tuesday, J and I decided to brave Mozza, the insanely popular Batali-Silverton pizza joint, with no reservations in hope of a seat at the bar. After a mere 1/2 hour wait, prosecco in hand, we settled into our corner seats and realized that none other than Michael Eisner was holding court nearby, surely there to toast my success.

Since nearly every single other food blogger in LA has written about Mozza, I'll keep it short: you should go. It's fantastic. Order the guanciale (cured pork cheek), egg and bagna cuda (anchovy-based sauce) pizza, tastes like carbonara on a perfect crust. The egg yolk is nice and runny, so you can spread it over the pizza yourself. Decadent. For dessert, you must try the fig and fennel biscotti, basically fennel fig newtons. Also, the meyer lemon gelato pie--as fabulous as it sounds. For pictures, visit all those other food blogs I linked above.

Yes, its crowded beyond belief. Waiting for a bar seat? Totally worth it. And the price tag? Really reasonable in my opinion--$12-14ish dollars for an artisanal pizza with excellent ingredients? I'm more than happy to pay that.

641 N Highland
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Jill said...


Omar Cruz said...
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Kate said...

Congrats from me too.....except I don't know the news!

I'll say it anyway because obvioulsy it was stellar!

H. C. said...

Glad you finally had a chance to visit and enjoy! Can't wait for Osteria Mozza next door to open up too.

Omar Cruz said...

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Rachael said...

Wait, what was the news????

Anonymous said...

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