Sunday, March 04, 2007

Il Capriccio Pizzeria's First Pie, Los Feliz

Il Capricco on Vermont is my favorite any-night-of-the-week restaurant within walking distance of my apartment, and I've been awaiting its new woodfired pizza joint down on Hollywood with bated breath. Thanks to the magic of flickr, we can all drool over the very first pizza coming out of its oven--the owner seems to be not only a successful restauranteur, but a excellent photographer as well. According to him, we only have to wait one more week to try the pies!

il Capriccio Pizzeria
4518 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

photo by flickrwhikr


lala said...

Holy Shizz!!! the way i describe this cute new lil pizza place to my friends is that, "Jesus Christ came out of the sky the other day and started making pizza down the block from me!" And I'm not even religious but this fresh, modern, highly addictive pizza will make you see god. I will probably gain 10 pounds from this place b/c it is RIGHT by my house---what to do?!?!

The sauce is INCREDIBLE. I could DRINK this stuff. Big chunks of fresh basil float around in the freshest, sweetest tomato stuff you've ever tasted. The dough is to die for. It makes the yummy mozzarella taste like an afterthought.

Dont get me wrong, this is not your typical American place, the pizza is light and healthy (for pizza) the salads come with lots of greens which i miss from most establishments nowadays.

The staff is completely out to lunch--- but im sure this is a sure sign of how good their pizza is. It like the Soup Nazi effect i swear.

I have always, always ordered the margherita pizza because i am so worried to order anything else that doesn't taste like it fell from heaven...

watch out its highly addicting.

Buck said...

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