Sunday, June 11, 2006

Weekend Small Bites

Indian Wedding 101: Even without the delicious chaat (savory snacks--including addictive sweet/spicy corn samosas) at the Friday night Raas Garba dance (with sticks!), the wedding we attended this weekend wins the prize for best wedding food ever due to the mango ice cream served during the hot and sunny outdoor ceremony. It tasted like a frozen mango lassi.

New Gelato in Los Feliz: At today's Los Feliz Street fair, had some free samples from the Hollywood Gelato Co, opening in July on Hillhurst Ave, just north of Franklin. Tried hazelnut and tequila lime--they also had mango and chocolate. My gelato expertise is non-existant, but on hot days this summer, the hazelnut especially will induce me to stop by.

Brunch with a New Friend: Cafe Chloe in San Diego is the perfect place to talk politics and sip coffee with a foodblogging friend. J and I met up with the delightful Rorie of Milk and Honey and her husband Matt for brunch at this sunny spot, thoroughly enjoying both the food (and more importantly) the company. I had poached eggs on toast with wild mushrooms, a buttery, rich, yummy mess. The menu's quite extensive and more sophisticated than your usual brunch fare--cheese plates, fruit plates, fresh fruit bread pudding. The coffee (the most important part of brunch--we all agreed) was good and refills were plentiful, as we kvetched about apathetic voters and savored our meal.

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Rorie said...

We had a swell time, too. Hooray for new friends!