Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Going Local: Dr. Bob's Ice Cream

Dr. Bob's Tahitian Vanilla ice cream with nectarines

In the summer, my favorite dessert is simply fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream--preferably consumed outdoors. While nothing will ever beat Herrell's malted vanilla, numerous pints of which I consumed during my college days, Dr. Bob's Tahitian Vanilla comes close.

Dr. Bob, a professor at Cal-Poly Pomona, began selling his ice cream in the late 1990s, and the high butterfat treat, simply but intensely flavored, made with high quality ingredients has been a local sensation ever since. He has a "dipping store" in Upland, CA, east of Los Angeles, near Pomona, but you can find pints of his ice cream at many retail locations around California, including Gelson's, Bristol Farms, and other smaller markets. For those of you outside of Cali, he also offers overnight delivery.

At $4.99 a pint, it's of course pricier than Ben and Jerry's or other high-end brands, but the difference in taste is night and day. Dr. Bob's tastes fresh and thick and custardy, sweet but not achingly so. You taste the milk and the cow and the summer.


petra said...

what about fosselmans?
what about your own - do you have a ice cream maker?
happy weekend.

Tania said...

"You taste the milk and the cow and the summer." I LOVE it, Erin! And I so wish I could try Dr. Bob's ice cream!!

Erin S. said...

petra--have not made it to fosselmans yet--it's on the list :) I don't have an ice cream maker--the one thing I regret not registering for when J and I got married. It, too, is on a list...

petra said...

get yourself a cusinart icecream maker - on chowhound i have read that people have purchased them for 25.oo via a web search...even if you spend the 49.00 retail price you will not be sad.
indian wedding - sounds fabulous.
happy monday.
ps. have you ever made limoncello?

Tod said...

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