Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jacques Torres Chocolate--DUMBO

Jacques Torres is a fancy-pants chocolate-maker with a factory in Brooklyn (he's got one in Manhattan too). The store was filled with chocolate easter bunnies of all shapes and sizes when I visited, but I focused on the small, intriguing chocolates. Like LA's Boule, the flavors are unique--peanut butter and jelly (yum!), rosé wine (eh..), port (yum!), and fresh lemon (the best so far). I still have six left (of the 12 purchased for $15), and am trying to go slow. But I'm the kinda girl who ate all her Halloween candy in the first week or so after the holiday, so we'll see how it goes.


Anonymous said...

MMM, that Jacques sure does know his chocolate. I've compared his small bite sized ones to MarieBelle and I think his are better.
I see you chose a champagne one and a love potion #9, great picks - they're delish.
I'm so looking forward to indulging at Jacques' and Grimaldi's when I move to DUMBO in the fall.

Erin S. said...

oohh, I'm jealous, anon. My exploration of DUMBO certainly made me want to live there...especially the waterfront park. Have fun!

Naama said...

I stumbled across your blog while looking for foodie suggestions in LA - am moving there from MA in (gasp) a week and a half, and while I grew up in LA, ten years on the East Coast have totally dulled my LA-foodie-senses.

So thank you! Great blog!

And yeah, I know this post is about NY. But I was wondering - have you tried LA Burdick Chocolates in Cambridge, MA? If you're going anytime, you should DEFINITELY check them out, it's some of the best chocolates I've ever had.

Anonymous said...

but did you know

a friend that quit jacques torres in august was givin me the lowdown...

moth larvae infestation of all bark, sometimes they would see it crawling in the wrappers, and when they tossed it he would get pissed, and say to just freeze it and they would melt it back into the process (Ew)

when he saw the employees of the amsterdam store when it first opened (most of whom are of a different race than him) he said and i quote "looks like a f@#$ing mcDonalds in there"

lets let loose the false advertising as well... he says he grinds his chocolate from beans behind closed doors, buuuuuut no. they buy bulk and just melt it down.

please don't give him business, he is pure concentrated evil said...

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