Friday, April 21, 2006

Erin's Kitchen Does New York: April 2006

Best Of New York April 06: Sweets and Treats
Best Of New York April 06: Leisurely Lunch
Best Of New York April 06: Monday Night Dinner
Best Of New York Aril 06: Crowd Pleaser

Okay, instead of posting random bits and pieces from my latest trip to New York City, I'm going to arrange posts in a "best of" fashion. Of course, this is just the "best of" my most recent trip--not comprehensive by any means. (I'll leave that to New York Magazine).


Rorie said...

Hiya Erin!

I'm loving your posts from New York - looks like you had a swell time and much good eats!

Tania said...

Erin, I wish I could have read these NYC posts before my trip there last summer. What a delicious tour of the city!

I was poking through an earlier post of yours and noticed a reference to Jerry Traunfeld's lastest cookbook. Isn't it wonderful?! I got a copy last month and am completely in love with it. I just wish I had an herb garden of my own!!

Erin S. said...

Tania, I do love the cookbook and I love the way he writes in particular--recipes read easily and get my brain whirring. I, too, would like an herb garden--alas my thumb is quite black despite multiple attempts at keeping any herbs alive.

Rorie said...

Hey Erin - On a non-food note, I absolutely loved The News From Paraguay. Highly recommend. Just finished the new Ishiguro & am starting The Secret Life by Donna Tartt which you sang high praise of, I believe. And, email me anytime - there's a link on my ABOUT page .......