Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Market Lunch Dilemma: Blue Bucks or the Brick?

The Brick from Market Lunch, Eastern Market

Though it's in new, temporary quarters thanks to the Eastern Market fire, the breakfast dilemma at the Capitol Hill institution Market Lunch remains the same: Blueberry buckwheat pancakes or the Brick? The huge, fluffy pancakes are a buttery delight--plus, you get to hear the cashier yell "Bluuuuue BUCKS" to the line cooks. However, the Brick is an unparalleled breakfast sandwich--a homemade biscuit houses your choice of meat (bacon, sausage or ham), cheese, eggs and the piece de resistance, fried potatoes.

Market Lunch Redux

Same Menu, Same Dilemma: Bluebucks or Brick?

On Saturday morning, the Market Lunch line is long, and the boys ahead of us were hungry enough to order both the pancakes and the Brick. J and I adhered to one Brick for each of us, he with sausage, me with bacon. It provided plenty of fuel for our walk back down the Mall (and then some).

Know before you go: Market Lunch doesn't do breakfast on Sunday, and stops serving breakfast items around noon on Saturdays.

Market Lunch (inside Eastern Market's temporary location)
7th Street & North Carolina Avenue, SE
Washington, D.C.


Carrie said...

It's so hard for me to read your delicious blog posts when you aren't in LA anymore! A couple of months ago you asked for blog links to other food blogs, my family and I just started up a new one, can you link to it? I get a lot of referrals on my restaurant blog Tasting LA from your site. The new one is

Erinn said...

That looks fan-frickin-tastic.
I want it, now.
Potatoes in a sandwhich is never a bad thing in my book.
(oh, and thanks for the link back to my blog, I was so excited!) ;)

jay said...

hi erin, i love your blog and the Brick w/bacon, delish, but for the rest of the day i walk around with a pot belly and i'm proud of it.

Jay said...

hi again erin, i'm posting again beacuse i did it wrong the first time and it doesnt allow you to see my profile, hope it works this time.

Anonymous said...

Can someone give me the recipe for plum-vanilla preserves that I saw on the apple butter recipe page?

Thank you!

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