Sunday, June 01, 2008

And Now From Our Nation's Capital

Friends--this summer Erin's Kitchen will come to you from Washington, DC, where I'll be working until mid-August. I lived in this sweltering city when I first graduated from college, and have fond memories of Saturday mornings at Eastern Market, cheap lunch at Ben's Chili Bowl, and my first-ever mussels at Bistro du Coin.

However, more often than not I'll be eating in--J must stay in New York for work, and paying two rents requires beans-and-rice-style belt-tightening. I'll still visit the Big Apple every other weekend, so you can expect reports from both the Union Square and Foggy Bottom farmers' markets on a regular basis. I've added some DC foodbloggers to my links on the left. If you have any favorites to recommend, please let me know!


Erinn said...

Hot and humid D.C. I have family there and visited every summer when I was a kid.
I'll look forward to your posts, whereever they may come from! I too am seperated from my other half due to work, also for the entire summer. I'm finding it's difficult, but that absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. Hang in there...

Kalyn said...

Used to go to D.C. every other month when I was on the NEA Board of Directors. I went to a lot of great places, but I was eating on an expense account, so they were usually not inexpensive. However, one inexpensive place I remember fondly is East Street Cafe, in Union Station upstairs. (Take the red line!) Asian food of many types, and never had a bad meal there.

Tiffany said...

Welcome to DC, Erin! Have you ever tried Bread Line for lunch? They have some awesome salads, sandwiches (try the bbq on Thursdays). One of my favorites for dinner is Thaiphoon in DuPont, which is not only delicious, but serves large tropical drinks that are easy on the wallet.

Momsa said...

Bistro - is that the place we went with you? Looks familiar!

Erin S. said...

Hey erinn--definitely hot and humid so far--my hair is a mess. hope you're hanging in there too with the long distance relationship.

Kalyn--I will check that out.

Tiffany--Thanks for the recs--I remember Thaiphoon from my days working here but haven't tried Breadline. I think it's somewhat close to where I'm working.

Mom--yes! that's it. I hope to visit soon.

Ramona said...

Hi Erin,
On this hot and sticky day (I mean seriously, the BIRDS are panting), welcome back to DC from this Alexandria, VA blogger. Thanks for linking to me. I'm looking forward to your food adventures in DC and surrounds. Don't forget our great farmers markets, and check out the latest Washingtonian Cheap Eats so you can enjoy great food affordably!
The Houndstooth Gourmet