Sunday, May 13, 2007

Kumquat, Fennel and Blood Orange Salad

Did you know it's the peels of kumquat that are musky and sweet, while the inner flesh is on the bitter side? I didn't, as my only kumquat experience was in a kumquatini at the Hungry Cat, until I made the clemenquat salad from the book Super Natural Cooking a few weeks ago.

That salad pairs kumquats and clementines with thin slices of mild celery--while tasty, I wanted something with a bit more bite. Thinly sliced fennel did the trick, adding a licoricy crunch. Segments of a nearly-black blood orange, a quick vinaigrette of grapefruit juice and "fragrant and fruity" olive oil, salt and pepper finished this pre-dinner salad, making the sausage I was about to consume seem less artery-clogging.

The entire kumquat is edible, peel and all, making them perfect for slicing into all sorts of salads and desserts. Because of their delicate skins, I use a serrated knife to cut them which helps retain their shape. Here are some more kumquat recipes:

Kumquat compote from Seattle Bon Vivant
Kumquat salsa from Vanilla Garlic
Kumquat chutney from Fresh Approach Cooking


eva said...

What a tasty and colorful salad !

H. C. said...

Hmm... gotta make a point to re-try kumquats again (I remembered really disliking them back in elementary school, and haven't touched one since)

Garrett said...

OMG that sounds so amazingly delicious; so fresh and flavorful!

Erin S. said...

HC--Definitely try them--I was surprised at how much I like them.

Eva and Garrett--thanks! It was fab.

KT said...

This is lovely. I wonder what it says about our respective personalities that you made a beautiful and healthy salad and we dumped all our kumquats and blood oranges into a container of vodka to make an infusion.

Coffee & Vanilla said...


I'm hosting AFAM - kumquats this month, today is the last day and I would love to have this recipe as your entry.

Thank you, Margot

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