Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Peek Inside Erin's Kitchen: The Fridge

Last week Sam asked, "what does your unedited fridge look like?" Um, a mess. The Franzia's for cooking--I know, I know, cook with wine you'd drink, but I'm a risotto making maniac and I don't want to open a bottle for a 1/2 c. every time. Elseware on the top shelf you'll find a sampling of today's farmers' market run in the form of cherries and baby artichokes, as well as leftover asparagus-sausage hash for tomorrow's lunch.

See those protein shakes in the bottom shelf of the door? Those belong to my apartment's previous tenant--they were there when we moved in--OVER TWO YEARS AGO. At this point, I think I need to leave them for the next tenant. To find out what else lurks in this messy masterpiece, head over to my flickr account.

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themirthmobile said...

so i take it you haven't cleaned your fridge out since you moved in? i don't blame you!

by the way, i hate to see you leave LA but i'm loving your interview series, good stuff.

Erin S. said...

Define "clean"!! I've swiped at the main shelves a few times, and do an edit about once a month, but those protein shakes...I just haven't done it. Perhaps they'll be useful in case of a natural disaster?

Doug said...

I hope more bloggers share their refrigerators contents. I'd post mine up but its a bit stark.