Thursday, May 24, 2007

Colorado Wine Company with Caroline on Crack

If you live in LA and don't regularly read Caroline on Crack, you're missing out on much of what the city has to offer. This up-for-anything fellow blogger is as delightful in real life as she is on her blog--how many Angelenos that you know are excited about exploring a wine bar in Eagle Rock on a weeknight, even though they live in West LA?

Caroline, her roommate and I met up at the Colorado Wine Company last night for Wine Cellar Wednesdays--when in addition to their nightly wine by the glass selections, you can pick any bottle off the shelf and they'll pour it for you, no corkage. Sipping wine at this laid back spot is like visiting a friend's house--a very well-stocked friend. Lucinda Williams on the ipod stereo, the owners chatting up customers throughout the store with a few tables in front, darker bar in the back, local art on the walls. You can wander through the aisles of thoughtfully-selected bottles (many under $25), glass in hand, and select a few to take home with you, or just sit on a comfy couch and snack on some pita chips while sampling the nightly specials.

The store/bar does themed tastings on Friday, "Lazy Sunday Tastings", and Sangria Saturdays (click here for the full calendar). Except on the tasting days, you can order food in at the bar. They're open until 9 PM most nights, closed on Mondays, and only there until 5 on Sundays.

Colorado Wine Company
2114 Colorado Boulevard
Eagle Rock, CA 90041
(323) 478-1985


Aubrey said...

Just wanted to say that I saw you had the Cycles Gladiator which is by far one of the best Syrah's I've ever had. Just fabulous with a hunk of bloody beef. And for the price (typically $7 to $10) you get a a winner from the LA County wine tasting competition for best in show. It's like one of the best deals for a wine you could have as a table wine that's an award winner. Good choice indeed!

Caroline on Crack said...

Actually, the guy manning the counter was the one who suggested it. Wanted a full-bodied red wine and he said it was one of his personal faves. Sold!

And thanks for joining me, Erin, and showing me the treasures of Eagle Rock. I like how you're up for everything, too.

Erin S. said...

Aubrey---mmm..bloody beef. Gotta get that grill fired up.

Caroline--Wasn't the service lovely? I'll have to hit this place a few more times before I leave...