Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stuffed with Dressing

Stuffing, dressing, whatever you call it--it's my favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal. For our inaugural turkey day in California, J and I were joined by both of our immediate families for our first attempt at this major American meal. Though we cut a hole in the bottom of our cheap tinfoil turkey pan, spilling precious juices on the kitchen floor, everything turned out edible; particularly our Country Bread Stuffing with Parmesan, Raisins and Pine Nuts, now a tradition in our household.

This year, we'll be celebrating the Pilgrims a bit differently--with some steak, red wine and a view of an amazing waterfall. I will miss the stuffing, but the fabulous recipes and photos posted by other foodbloggers will tide me over. If you're cooking at home this November, check these out:

101 Cookbooks: Sage, Walnut and Dried Fig Stuffing
Too Many Chefs: Oyster and Leek Stuffing
The Chocolate Lady: Herbed Hominy Dressing
The Bacon Show: Bacon, Pecan, Cornbread Stuffing
Kalyn's Kitchen: Whole Wheat Stuffing with Sage, Italian Sausage and Pears


Kalyn said...

Hi Erin,
Thanks for including me with these other great-looking stuffing recipes.

the chocolate lady said...

hi erin,

thanks! i agree that the main course is primarily a stuffing-delivery system.

Anonymous said...

FOZ DO IGUAZU is the most beautiful place in the world! I went on the Brazil side and they serve your cafezhino right before you go into the water. Take lots of pictures! I love your blog. I'm going to try one of those recipes. Thank you!

Mimi said...

Great blog! I agree with the chocolate lady — stuffing is the main attraction.

But, we've been stuffingless for three TG's now — thei year we'll have it. Can't wait.

Momsa said...

I never knew the juice on the floor issue- you maksed it well!!!