Monday, November 06, 2006

Preaching the Spinach Gospel

Soon after sauntering up to the Weiser Family Farms stand at the Sunday Hollywood Market, a gonzo green spinach leaf is waving under our noses.

"You've gotta try this spinach. It's fantastic!"

So we do. And yes, it is fantastic. Robust and toothsome, this leaf surprised me with its sweetness (I believe it's Bloomsdale). The stand man smiles knowingly, as he genially forces his spinach on other customers. We buy a bagful and absorb his rapid fire patter--don't worry about the stem...just break off the bottom...cook it with some garlic and olive, take a few extra leaves. A woman next to us rudely declines his offer, and we look at her with pity. More for us!

Paired with sliced persimmons, blue cheese, walnuts and an apple cider vinaigrette, this salad highlighted, more than an e.coli outbreak ever could, the benefits of skipping the bagged grocery greens and eating locally grown spinach instead.


Cyndi said...

That spinach looks yummy. I can't believe I grew up ONLY on canned spinach - which for years was one of my favorite side dishes. Canned. The first time I had sauteed fresh spinach, I literally swooned. So I'll even settle for the bagged stuff, but I'll keep a lookout for some locally grown.

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