Friday, November 10, 2006

How to Eat Persimmons

Fuyu Persimmons photo by kanko

My first taste of persimmon came at the Pasadena Farmer's Market, in the fall of my first year in California. A woman was handing out slices of fuyu persimmons and I was immediately captivated by the spicy flavor.

Now, four years later, I am well-versed in these fruits, and know the differences between the always crisp fuyu and the ripen-til-it's-soft hachiya.

What to do with Fuyus

Every morning this week, I've riffed on Square One's fruit salad scheme and sliced a fuyu and a fuji apple into a bowl, added some chopped walnuts and a dollop of apple butter. Square One peels theirs, but I'm lazy so I don't. I do cut out the middle if it's looking a bit woody.

I'm a big fan of serving this spiced persimmon chutney with a roast pork loin, and chunks of fuyus work wonderfully on a cheese plate, especially if there's a pungent blue involved.
Hachiya persimmons photo by elroySF

How about Hachiyas?

First of all, remember to wait until these are super-duper soft before trying anything. Otherwise, you're in for an astringent surprise. Once soft like a water balloon, you're good to go.

You could try juicing them to make a persimmon margarita with a salt-cinnamon rim, like the one I had at the Hungry Cat this week. Otherwise, you could try Elise's persimmon cookies. Or perhaps Rachael's persimmon cake? What about Egghunt's persimmon pudding?


connie said...

ohoh! i want to find me some now. i like your cocktail suggestions. mmmm

jeanne bee said...

Persimmions are one of those funny fruits that before moving to the West Coast I had zero knowledge of. Well, a friend changed that, she grew up on them and served me her mother's persimmion pudding. WOW.

Anonymous said...

Mmm ... I have been eating Fuyus all week. But neither market I have been to had hachiyas. I might have to go exploring the produce shops of Fairfax to see if I can find them, because now I want my home bartender to make me a persimmon cocktail.

Erin S. said...

Jeanne--me too--no clue before moving here.

KT-the Hollywood market had some last weekend--at various stands.

KT said...

I found some! Now I just have to wait for them to get all soft and juicy.

The guy was sad when I only picked out hachiyas. He was like "don't you like the other ones?" Like I was leaving them out. I had to explain to him that I liked the other ones, but I was looking especially for these.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't know how blessed I am with over 40 persimmon trees on my property in Tennessee. (Huchiyas). I go out every morning with my dog and feast on this delicious delicacy.(My flatcoat retriever loves them as much as I do) We have to fight for them off the ground.
Thanks, for the great article, and persimmon recipes. O'h yes I learned the hard way eating them before ripe.
All The Best to you and yours.
Greg Fassler

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Anonymous said...

I found a fuyu persimmon at my local grocery store and bought it because I like to try new fruits. I tried a quince last week and didn't care for it too much. We don't see these fruits out here in Western NY all too often... I'm excited to try it tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I bought a Hachiya at the Hollywood Farmer's Market last weekend thinking it was a Fuyu. Needless to say, I sliced into it before it was ripe and it really was disgustingly astringent...WOW! I wish I had read your post first!

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