Friday, February 17, 2006

Meat-tastic: A Photo Essay

We're heading to Honduras tonight for a week (belated honeymoon), so I leave you with this. Reports of lobster and good coffee soon.

It was the summer of my sophomore year of high school, and I was staying in Epinal, France with a local family for three weeks. My visit coincided with Bastille Day, so I accompanied my hosts plus their extended family to a restaurant in the country for a celebration lunch. The menu was prix fix, and I watched in horror as the first dish arrived--it seemed to be a slice of cold meatloaf with pickles inside. I took a small bite, cringed, and tried to figure out where I could slyly hide the rest of the dish.

That was my first terrine. If only I appreciated then what I appreciate now, foodwise--I'm sure it was amazing. I'm still not the most adventurous meat-eater, but I've come along way. When J. saw the article in last December's Gourmet about making your own terrine, he convinced me that we should try. So we did, and served it at our holiday party. For the full recipe, visit here.

it all starts simply enough, sauteed onions, garlic and thyme

then the chicken livers appear

after a whir in the food processor, the livers get mixed with the other meats, spices, and sauteed onions--ideally with your hands

you line a loaf pan with bacon, and then fill with the meat mixture

fold the bacon over the top, then you weight down the top, keep it in the fridge for a couple days, then bake, then the fridge, again. patience my friend, patience. it's worth the wait!

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