Sunday, February 05, 2006


Even in shades of purple, orange and still tastes like cauliflower to me. In other words, it's not my favorite. But damn, it looks amazing. The green is actually romanesco, which is categorized as a broccoli or a cauliflower--there seems to be a debate according to this article. These brightly colored veggies are full of naturally occuring antioxidant anthocyanins, which help fight cancer. All came from the Hollywood Farmer's Market this morning.

I steamed small florets of all three, then tossed with a light dressing of lemon and olive oil, and a few handfuls of chopped fresh mint, pine nuts and yellow raisins. Packing servings of this for lunch this week will make me feel a bit better about sitting on my butt in front of a computer all day.


Jill said...

Those are beautiful.

David Kurtz said...

Your blog makes me hungry.

Jessica said...

I love Weiser Family Farm's cauliflower! The guy who runs the stand is always happy to see me b/c I go on at length about the romanesco. I'm like his best PR customer. He gave me a little discount yesterday, and I'll use them this week. :)

Here's my fave method/pasta dish that has won over cauliflower-phobes, especially my dad. I'm bad at writing up my semi-invented recipes (the method is taken from Essentials of Italian Cooking), so I hope this estimation makes sense.

Approx. 2-3 smallish heads romanesco
1 lb. pasta, ideally farfalle
3-4 cloves garlic
hot chili flakes to taste
1-2 anchovy filets
3-4 tbs. olive oil
generous amounts of freshly grated parm-reg. cheese
Salt & pepper to taste

Chop cauliflower, blanch in salted water and drain immediately

Heat olive oil in pan. Cook smashed garlic til golden but not burned and bitter, approx. 3 mins. Remove, ala Marcella Hazan (ntoe: they're delish when cooled and sprinkled with sea salt!)

Add chopped anchovy filet to pan.

Add cauliflower and chili peppers (best are to remove seeds and slice whole one).

Cook for a long time until pieces start to soften and almost become a paste. Kills the gorgeous fresh factor of the romanesco, but tastes great and the color remains.

Cook pasta.

Toss together with lotsa cheese, extra oil, and s & p to taste.

Rorie said...

That cauliflower is beautiful! You have inspired me to make some soup!

Tania said...

Erin ...

I'm so happy I found your blog from a comment on Rorie's! You have a lovely site.

This colourful cauliflower salad looks incredible. Pine nuts, raisins and mint in the dressing ... mmm ... I can imagine how tasty (and healthy) that would be!

Harold said...

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