Sunday, December 11, 2005

Solar de Cahuenga

Stopped at this newish spot in Hollywood for breakfast Friday morning. Nice space, with a comfy-looking patio, though suffers the fate that many patios in LA do--open to a busy, speeding car-filled street--though most Angelenos don't seem to mind. According to Gayot, on the weekend's it'll be open 24 hours--If true, always nice to add another option to the late-night dining list in close proximity to home.

For breakfast, I had the Aspen crepe--spinach, mushrooms, swiss and green onions. The eggs were light and fluffy and the crepe was slightly sweet and nicely browned. I liked it a lot more than the ones I've had a the crepe place in the Farmer's Market at 3rd and Fairfax, it seemed much lighter. The side of fruit that I paid an extra couple bucks for (instead of the potatos that came with it) was pretty sad--primarily day-old apples with a few grapes and one sliced strawberry. Next time I'll forgo healthy for tasty and stick with the potatos. The menu also had a long list of paninis, and both sweet and savory crepes.

Solar de Cahuenga
1847 Cahuenga Blvd. (corner of Franklin)


Jessica said...

Funny, seemed like people were in that place the minute it opened. There's not a well-lit, comfortable cafe/coffee house-ish type joint in the immediate area, so it makes sense. I'll stop by and hope it does OK.

I don't have high expectations, but Solar is a better tenant for that spot, which used to be occupied by a random patio furniture store/locksmith.

Anonymous said...

Just tried the place. Had high hopes but it was sadly disappointing. Food was bland, the fries were hard and the nicest patio area was filled with smokers and three large dogs. (is this a dog park as well?)

The owner needs to figure some things out before keeping this place open any longer as sad food and bad environment will wear out a welcome very quickly.

In the restaurant biz, it is all about the food. Time to rethink the menu and only list items that are good to eat, not fill the menu with too many items to prepare well.

No recommendation here. Try Bossa Nova, Cat and the Fiddle or Fabioluson ... all on Sunset. As for this place, keep your wallet in your pocket.

Leonel said...

First of all for the anonymous person ho said to keep your Wallet in your pocket, Let me tell you. this restaurant from the firs day the place open is all way full and a very good environment.
The food is good, every time we go get better. If you like crepes this is the perfect place to go.
and please make sure we keep this place part of our community, this corner before was a filthy place.
this people created a good thing for the community and we need to help.
don't judge the place for the irresponsible comment of somebody that apparently has personal interest

Anonymous said...

The owners of this restaurant have displayed continued disrespect and total disregard for REQUESTS (including legal ones) to keep the PUBLIC sidewalks clear so that pedestrians (including neighbors) can use them.

At least the furniture store that was there for years kept THEIR furniture INSIDE, and was never a nuisance for the local residents, as this restaurant has already become! Solar de Cahuenga (a restaurant) keeps ITS furniture OUTSIDE on the PUBLIC sidewalk!

Also, the curbing is broken, and there is debris at the curb areas.

Snubbing their noses at the community in which they do business has already lost them a lot of points, and a lot of LOCAL business. Word gets around, and will continue to.

a_ said...

I think this 'anonymous' person is a local restaurant owner that has lost a lot of business when Solar de Cahuenga opened up. Maybe he can't handle the competition.

The food here is great and it's at a very fair price, especially considering it's in Hollywood. All the pastries are fresh and good, not to mention their food and coffee. I would strongly recommend trying their peach crepes, very delicious. The service from the staff is very friendly!

Hey ‘anonymous’, almost all the restaurants in Hollywood occupy some part of the sidewalk with chairs and tables; it's allowed. There is plenty of room for you on the sidewalk, unless you are the size of a Honda Accord.

It's a great place for people that like to enjoy a cigarette with their coffee without having to sit outside in the rain or sun, and it's completely isolated from the non-smoking area.

A lot has been invested into this corner and it looks great! It's great for the community. Everyone should judge this place on their own experience, not by an anonymous person.

Allison Littleford said...

My Girlfriend and I live two blocks over and this is our new FAVORITE place. The food is mostly decent, not really amazing, though. EXCEPT the Stroganoff Crepes. They are to die for... as well as the sweet potato fries. The staff is ALWAYS friendly, which makes up for the few mistakes we experienced in the beginning. (Which does not happen to us anymore).

The best part of this place is the ambiance. It very comfortable and bright at the same time. They offer free wireless and amazing FRESH teas...

We have brought many of our friends here, and they love it too... We would be very sad if Solar de Cahuenga ever closed!

Allison & Brock
Corner of Whitley and Franklin

Gus Gevara said...

from Gus Gevara
The food at Solar de Cahuenga is amazing and the coffee the best i ever had,the staff and the owners are very friendly and best of all on Sundays you get to watch live soccer and see the best soccer team in the world play BOCA JUNIORS and for those anonymous people that post negative things about the restaurant, get a life or go to taco bell, give the place a try it's worth it big time......

Agi said...

I live 4 blocks away from this place and went there many times. I have to admit, sometimes the wait in line is a bit too much when you order, but their sugar-free vanilla latte is so yummy that I hardly ever go to Coffe beans or Starbucks when I am home -anymore.
food is OK, I had better crepes before, but the omlettes are pretty decent. I learned to order stuff to go and don't have to wait in line.

Anonymous said...


I love this place. I've had both crepes and panini. I've eaten there three times and will return again. The mint lemonade is out of this world! Great place, great prices, and the environment and service are excellent too. Thumbs up for Solar De Cahuenga!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I GO HERE ALL THE TIME! Everything i've had is delicious, plus the free wireless!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I worked for them only for five hours. I asked the guy who was traning me how much did he make, he told me $8:50 per hour and the owner is an asshole with his employees, his name is Milton.I live across the street and thanks to them I can"t find parking any more.

Anonymous said...

you people are seriously messed up. Solar is an amazing joint, really great place, nice people, always busy and AMAZING FOOD. Plus, the guy who said Milton is a jerk is wrong. Milton is one of the nicest guys in there. I personally know people who work for him and they love him. I'm sure its SO BUSY because it sucks right? nope! people go there for the environment and food because its really good. Top name directors, producers and actors all order and go there for a reason. so dont say sh*t you dont know about.

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