Wednesday, December 21, 2005

(Real) Cold Weather Cookies

Cooking in my parents' kitchen always delights--not only is it huge compared to my own, with plenty of counter space, you also have a lovely view of their back hillside, currently blanketed in snow and often visited by families of deer. I especially enjoy baking in it at the holidays--having grown up in the Midwest, making Christmas cookies feels more right and less decadent when it's snowy and a mere 10 degrees outside.

Inspired by Darla of Messy Cucina and her Biscotto Bake-A-Thon, I decided to try them myself for the first time. I followed her master recipe and stayed simple with my goodies--chocolate chips--with a final dip in chocolate. It pays to stay patient after the first bake and wait a full half hour before you try to cut the logs, otherwise you'll just make a crumbly mess. Also, my dad's lactose-intolerant so I substituted margarine, which didn't seem to hurt.


darlamay said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad you found the master recipe helpful! And you can never go wrong with chocolate. I hope you do order some vanilla beans. I've never used one before because I'm too cheap, and I'm excited to get going!

Vergil said...

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