Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pizza Worth the Walk-Grimaldi's

Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza at Grimaldi's, Brooklyn
Last weekend, the family was in town, and we took a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge. Though the day was a bit drizzly and gray, we gawked at the Statue of Liberty, picked out the Empire State Building through the fog, and experienced the Bernoulli effect. Our willingness to endure a few sprinkles was rewarded with a short line at famed Brooklyn pizza joint Grimaldi's, our final destination, nearly smack dab under the bridge.

Home to a coal-fired brick pizza oven, Grimaldi's churns out the bubbling pizzas like clockwork--they need just a few minutes in the toasty oven to bake. The pizzas are all topped with fresh mozzarella, which blisters a delightful brown in the heat. The smell of garlic and basil permeates the small dining room, and it's hard to wait your turn. Our party of six made short work of two larges, one with pepperoni and sausage, the other with peppers, mushrooms and extra garlic (which ensured family togetherness for the rest of the afternoon).

For an extra treat, I suggest a stop at the nearby Jacques Torres chocolate shop for dessert.

19 Old Fulton St. under the Brooklyn Bridge
cash only


Chubbypanda said...

Looks worth the walk. I'll start heading east now. See you sometime next year. =b

Aubrey said...

Just wanted to say I've had it when I used to live in NY and this is incredibly painful looking at it 3000 miles away in CA. Great post for some incredible pizza!

Marc said...

I went to Grimaldi's a couple of weeks ago, and while I liked the pizza a lot, it wasn't as good as I remember it being a few years back. It was undercooked a bit, and the sauce wasn't quite as good as that of Lombardi's in Little Italy (which we had gone to the night before). Still, it is definitely worth going to.