Monday, October 22, 2007

From East to Ouest

Fresh Lychees in ChinatownFresh lychees in Chinatown, after dim sum at Jing Fong.

So grad school may not prevent me from eating (as my disturbingly regular afternoon chocolate chip cookie break can attest), but it certainly prevents me from writing about it. In between chapters of the U.S. military's Counterinsurgency Manual and afternoons spent deriving the consumer and producer surplus, I've savored barstool dinners at Franny's and Bar Stuzzichini, both purveyors of rustic, nibbly Italian food and home to well-made aperitifs. I've also discovered 50-cent Ukrainian-grandmother-made varenyky in the East Village, sampled Jing Fong's dim sum, and found time to whip up a nutmeg-laced apple crisp. And of course, $3 pizza slices have found their way into my mouth on more than one late night walk home from the library.

Dinner at Bar Stuzzichini, New York CityDinner at Bar Stuzzichini--arancini (risotto balls stuffed with cheese), meatballs and eggplant involtini

My dining highlight of the past week, however, was a pre-econ midterm dinner at Ouest. Dinner at this proper spot helped remind me of my adult self, not the cramming in the library with vending machine snacks and drinking $2 Coors Light grad school self (to clarify, the beers are not consumed in the library, though that might help). J and I slipped into the bar, among the well-coiffed ladies and blue-blazered gents of the Upper West Side, and ordered comforting, fork-tender game dishes--pan roasted squab for him, roasted rabbit for me. In both dishes, the sides nearly outshone the meats, not a small feat. For every bite I snatched of his earthy duck liver risotto, he paid me back with a fork in my garlicky capellini studded with wild mushrooms.

The prices at Ouest aren't grad student friendly, but on the day before a big exam, I decided a treat was in order. Besides, all that vending machine food saves me plenty.

2315 Broadway
New York, NY 10024
between 83rd and 84th


East Meets West Kitchen said...

I am so envious of the fresh lychees and dim sum, and Quest sounds like a place to visit. :)

Chubbypanda said...

You need to start blogging the vending machine food. =D

Erin S. said...

east meets west--dim sum was great! i thought about buying the lychees, but wasn't sure what to do with them.

chubbypanda--i'm addicted to snackwells cookies--somehow i've convinced myself they're not *that* bad. skittles also help, but only the red and purple ones.

Doug said...

I've long wondered about this place. Its certainly a happening spot - I passed it late last nite and it was a scene to rival a bar in soho.

Michael said...

The Quest sounds intriguing, I’m sure it will be quite an experience.

Jess said...

Ouest is definitely a big improvement over what used to be on the UWS. My meal there was generally over-ingrediented and too heavy, but a step in the right direction.

dissertation write said...

looks anbsolutely great!! sure it have a nice taste. ast least I hope so